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Are You a Parent?

My teen says "I don't care" all the time.

I just want to know what's going on in their day!

My teen only gives me one word answers. 

My teen isn't listening to me, they'd rather listen to the internet or friends.

Do you struggle with why your teen just doesn't seem to understand the importance of being motivated, working hard or becoming more confident?

Do you feel like your teen doesn't communicate openly with you no matter what you do?

Do you ever feel like the advice you share with your teen goes in one ear and out the other?

We know what that's like because we used to be just like those teens.

Now we work with families to help teens and parents better understand each other and build a healthy relationship.

We have free workshops for parents to:

  • Help their teen find motivation

  • Develop a healthy and positive relationship with their teen

  • Communicate with fighting or "nagging" their teen

  • Set boundaries and rules without conflict

  • Win their teen's respect and trust.


Our workshops help parents who want to learn how to support their teen's growth and learning with less conflict and more laughter and trust.

How Do I Motivate My Teen?

Learn how to help your teenager create their own intrinsic motivation without making them feel pressured, angry or annoyed.

How Can I help My Teen Find Their Passion?

We help parents understand the most effective ways to help their teens find their interests and passions.

How Do I Get My Teen to Change Without Arguing?

We share proven, research-based techniques with parents on how to gently guide their teens to change their behavior without conflict.

How Do I Create Trust With My Teen?

We show parents ways to deepen their relationship with their teenager, to create a trusting, safe and positive environment at home.

Parent of 9th Grader

"During Orenda, I took a walk with my son. And I noticed during the conversation that he had a very mature view point and clearly set his goals.


Thank you for helping him make progress in achieving his goals!"

Parent of 9th Grader

"I just want to thank you again for all your help. My son is doing fine now. Before, he would lock his door and not let me go in to his room. Now I can go into his room and watch him play video games ... we can chat and joke around.


He has started to appreciate my caring, and I have learned to give him more room to grow. He’s been unconditionally accepting and respectful, and I think this is the turning point for him and me."

Parent of 8th Grader

"Thank you so much. Her media teacher keeps on telling me that my daughter is more confident, happy and responsible recently.


It makes me feel that I can start to have some dreams."

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