Teen Coaching

Our Coaches' Goals

Do you want to prepare your teen to succeed in the real world?

Do you want your teen to achieve their full potential?


Do you want to prepare your child for high school, stress and schoolwork?

Does you want your teen to develop positive habits and break bad ones?

Do you want your teen to have a growth mindset, become less shy and more confident?

Do want your teen to have role models and receive guidance from young mentors?

Our trained Orenda coaches help families with all of these goals.

Timothy, 8th Grader

When my mom first signed me up, I said “Awww. Come on mom.”


And now I’m like “Oh my god this the most impactful program I’ve ever been a part of."

How We Coach

Orenda Coaches are all former teens who are now in their mid-20s. We remember what it was like to be a teenager who struggled with many things.

Our coaching is based off of a deep understanding and respect for the difficulties and challenges of being a teen (as well as raising one!).

We want to help teens become the best version of themselves. 

Below is a breakdown of how we approach 1-1 coaching over the weeks nad months we work with a teen and their family:

Step 1: Deep Understanding

We make sure to understand the teen's life situation, goals, interests, personality and background. 

This is absolutely critical to build trust and a healthy relationship.

We listen deeply and share about our own experiences.

Step 2: Gentle Questions

We help the teen reflect on what they want, and how they want to grow.

We try to avoid telling them what to do with their lives; it rarely works and often backfires.

Instead, we ask gentle guiding questions to help them see their situation more clearly.

Step 3: Making a Plan

After the teen is on board with making changes and improvements to their life, we help them make a plan.

We share resources, help them avoid common mistakes and offer advice.

We also involve the parents at this step to allow them to support their teen.

Step 4: Follow Through

We continue to meet with the teen to learn how the plan unfolded.


We help them reflect on setbacks, create updates, and continue to improve.


We take these 4 steps and repeat them with all of the goals a teen has.

Common Topics We Help Students With

How Can I Master School?

We help students learn self-control and become motivated, allowing them to master their academics.

What Are My Goals?

We help students understand themselves, set goals and craft a high-level direction.

How Do I Handle Stress?

We help teens learn healthy ways to grow from failure and deal with drama and stress.

How Do I Make Meaningful Friendships?

We help teens master the skills of communication, confidence and speaking to others.

How Do I build good habits?

Students learn the science and techniques behind how to build positive habits, and break bad habits.

What are my core values?

Students discover, discuss and debate their core values and priorities in life.

How do I not procrastinate?

Students learn proven, scientific techniques for stopping procrastination and becoming more productive.

Allen, 10th Grader

"Orenda Academy has entirely changed the way I approach life.


Before I began the program, I was highly insecure about myself.

Now, with the knowledge of how to approach different situations in life (e.g. starting conversations and learning how to learn), I have a lot more confidence in myself and a lot more hope for the future." 

Cindy, 9th Grader

"I think one of the things that Orenda has been really successful at getting me to do is to try new things.

I usually think I can do everything on my own and what Orenda really got me to do was to ask for help from my parents, my peers, and even my teachers, which is something that was really new to me.

This was like a step out of my comfort zone. And I think it's a skill I can really use because this is just freshman year. So I have 3 more years to go."

Leon, 9th Grader

"My biggest change is self-control.

Before, I loved to play games. I loved to watch movies. But over the last few months, I have been been able to control myself to work on time to turn in homework and focus on my tasks and other extracurriculars."

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