Our Team

Brandon Lee

Co-Founder and Orenda Coach

Brandon has an unconventional story that began with being an international speaker to train nonprofits  while building a YouTube channel garnering 7 million views and personal blog that garnered 300,000 views.

Despite the traction he had, he decided to reinvent himself and has been flipping houses in the Silicon Valley with the hopes of learning finance, business, systems, and organizational leadership and bringing those skills back into non-profit. 

After 4 years in real estate investments, Brandon went on to cofound Orenda and has been working on it full time since January 2017.


On the side, he writes to inspire people to become the best versions of themselves, has garnered over 7 million views, and has been featured on media outlets like Inc.com, TIME, BBC, Quartz, and Mashable.

He is passionate about helping students find their voice and to have confidence and clarity in pursuing the things they care about. He has been mentoring teenagers and young adults on the side for the last 7 years.

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Carl Shan


Carl is a high school computer science teacher in San Mateo. Mentoring and helping younger students is deeply important to him. As the oldest of 4 children, he has seen firsthand the importance of having positive role models in the lives of children.

Carl graduated from Lynbrook High School in 2010 and then from UC Berkeley in 2013, where he received a degree in Statistics while graduating with high honors. He also published his first book at the age of 22.

Despite seemingly successful in the traditional sense, Carl spent a lot of his time in middle and high school confused about his direction and path in life. He fumbled around in high school, drifting academically without any clear purpose or direction to his life or learning. This resulted in a lot of fights with his parents and deep stress and anxiety in his time in high school.

Carl wished he had a more experienced mentor who could have helped him understand why learning and education was important. Now that he is older and (a little bit) wiser, he hopes to help other students discover their “why” for learning and living.

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Jeff Liu

Intern and Workshop Facilitator

Jeff is a junior at Lynbrook High School and is heavily involved in the Boy Scouts. He is interested in entrepreneurship and is now an advocate for greater soft skills and self-awareness development in his high school community after being one of Orenda’s first students.


Through his Boy Scout troop, Jeff learned how to lead and cooperate with other scouts, and impart skills to the younger scouts. He discovered his ability to create value for others in running a fun yet transformative experience for his troop.


Orenda helped him realize that delivering value to others like he did in his troop was his career and life goal, and grounded his previous experiences in entrepreneurship as a path to his personal vision, leading him to become self-motivated.


He now works with Orenda as a facilitator and continues teaching valuable soft skills to fellow teens.

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Chloe Lim

Orenda Coach

Chloe has been working as a software engineer in the tech industry since graduating from UC Berkeley in 2015 with a degree in computer science and statistics. Despite the technical focus of her work, she has been passionate about education for as long as she can remember and has always occupied a teaching role in some capacity throughout college and her career -- as a beginner's dance team director, an advisor of engineering interns, a mentor at CODE2040 and Make School, and now as a facilitator for Orenda.

Drawing on her own experiences as a student who always excelled academically yet still felt lost, unmotivated, and largely alone, Chloe is determined to empower others with the emotional tools she spent much of her adult life acquiring. She's a strong believer in deep friendship and human connection as the foundation for personal growth, and finds great meaning in building these relationships and skills with Orenda students.