We help parents raise remarkable teens.

Parent Workshops

Do you want to get your teen to listen to you? Do you want to understand them better?

Orenda Academy also has free workshops for parents on how to:

  • Build a healthy, happy relationship

  • Communicate effectively

  • Win your teen's to trust and respect

  • Get your teen to share about them

1-1 Teen Coaching

Orenda also provides young, relatable role models to serve as paid 1-1 coaches for teens.

Our coaches help teens to:

  • Become more motivated

  • Understand their goals

  • Make plans for their futures

  • Become remarkable people

Interested In a Private Workshop?

We also provide private workshops for parents and teens.


We have worked with education organizations, parent groups, schools, nonprofits, churches and more.

If you are interested in bringing us to your community, please fill out the form below:

Former Families Told Us ... 

10th Grade Student

"Orenda has entirely changed the way I approach life.


Before I began the program, I was highly insecure about myself. Now, with the knowledge of how to approach different situations in life (e.g. starting conversations and learning how to learn), I have a lot more confidence in myself and a lot more hope for the future." 

Orenda Parent

"After my son took your classes, I feel he is more willing to try new things.


This year I asked him if he is interested in the MUN club, he said “yes” and would like to try without first throwing lots of concerns.


In the previous 2 years, 6th and 7th grade, his first reaction to the school clubs was “No!”.


I also feel that he manages his time better, with less procrastination."

9th Grade Student

"My biggest change is self-control.

Before, I loved to play games. I loved to watch movies. But over the last few months, I have been been able to control myself to work on time to turn in homework and focus on my tasks and other extracurriculars."

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